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Breast Cancer Awareness: Some Important Things to Understand When Suffering from Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a deadly disease after a heart attack in the world and especially affects women. So, it is not easy for breast cancer sufferers to initially accept their condition, even the reality they will experience. But that does not mean difficult to overcome and fight for recovery.

The impact of breast cancer on women who suffer from breast cancer will not only affect themselves physically and psychologically but also those closest to them. For those who are suffering from breast cancer, it's good to know the following breast cancer awareness that can help deal with breast cancer.

Tell family and friends as soon as possible

The sooner the real situation is better, especially to those closest to you. They will better understand and can help primarily support the spirit. Besides, the people closest to you will be very angry if you don't say it as soon as possible.

A cancer survivor said that it was difficult to say the cancer disease that a patient is suffering from. However, after she says it, it will be easier to accept the conditions that are being lived and fought for recovery.

Allow family and friends to help and say whatever is needed, even when you are not sure what you need

Don't let the people closest to you only know the news and your situation. Maybe you are used to doing everything yourself, or what you do can still be done by yourself. But allow it and let them help you. Tell me what you need.

Even when you are not sure what you need, say it as it is. This is important so that you and the people closest to you do not get misunderstood because your relationship with the people closest to you will affect your health.

When you feel bad about accepting advice, say that you just want to be heard

Sometimes the people closest to you want you to be always cheerful and not too concerned about what you are suffering from, so they often give various kinds of advice that you don't ask for. If your feelings are not good, tell them that you only need a listener of what you feel, not with advice or advice.

Talk to doctors, nurses, religious leaders or support services for cancer sufferers when sad and depressed

Severe illness can cause depression for those who live it. It's good to have regular consultations with experts like the examining doctor and the nurse who treats you. Consultation with religious leaders can also be done so that you can be more accepting and resilient in your life.

It is important to always tell your feelings to those closest to you, contact an expert consultant if you have difficulty saying what you feel

People who are sick feeling sensitive, even with very trivial things though. Especially when it starts to look at certain changes in the body. Talk about how you feel to the people closest to you and why you feel sad or happy.

If you're not the type to easily express how you feel, pour your feelings in writing in a diary. The people closest to you should be allowed to read it, not only your family but also your doctor. If it is still difficult to express or express what is felt, it is better to immediately consult an expert about your problem.

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